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Hey hey! Looking for something new to watch/read? My suggestion/latest obsession is Ozark on Netflix. It’s my new obsession.


One of my goals this summer has been to read more scripts in addition to just watching new television. I came across Ozark’s pilot script and read it solely because I knew it was a Netflix show. You can read the pilot here. It’s excellent.

I had some time this weekend, so in true Gillian fashion, I binged the whole thing. Here are my thoughts.

  1. The television gods have answered our prayers since the end of Breaking Bad. Everyone else is making the comparison and I am here to confirm it. But I don’t hate it. We kind of jump into the story after Marty is pretty much a bad guy, so it’s not quite as slow as Breaking Bad.
  2. Jason Bateman is good in this. Very, very good. His character is a perfect mix of Michael Bluth and Jordan Belfort from The Wolf of Wall Street, and I ain’t even mad about it. Bateman’s wit and comedic delivery was made for this role. He also directs four of the episodes.


3. LAURA FUCKING LINNEY. Is an under appreciated actress. She is amazing in this. Also, let’s all thank the casting/producing gods for giving Bateman’s character a wife who is actually around his age. Actually, Linney is older than him. Which is nothing short of a miracle in Hollywood, even in 2017…. I’m looking at you Mother!


4. The kids have depth. They could 100% be side kicks, but they are actually interesting. The son is suuuuper creepy and the daughter kind of only makes one face the whole time, but we all kind of know people like that.


5. I am here for the James Bond meets emoji title card situation. It’s weird and kind of campy and I. love. it.


6. I love the old man. I am a sucker for crotchety old people.

7. The “Big Bad” in this show feels like a revolving door of people, each one murkier than the next. I’m into it. I like not quite knowing who is really pulling the strings.


8. This chick. Julia Garner. She has a great arc. She’s like a rock n roll Orphan Annie and I am here for it. When I wasn’t obsessing over Laura Linney, I was obsessing over her.


9. Laura fucking Linney. Why is she not in more things?



10. I am already re-watching it and trying to get my brother on board. I’d say sorry, but I don’t let anyone make me feel bad about television.



So my current recommendation is to check out Ozark.

You will like this if you like: crime, drama, gritty romantic relationships, hillbillies

Watch this if you enjoyed : Breaking Bad, Weeds, Boardwalk Empire (probably) Narcos, (probably) Sons of Anarchy, (probably) Dexter.

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