Netflix & Chill

Hi fellow lovers of Netflixing & Chilling, soul brothers and sisters who enjoy spending multiple hours on their couch watching TV & movies, people who prefer to hang with people who live inside the television / cats / fellow binge watchers.

ferris bueller.gif

Find below, my current recommendations for a binge-worthy show, movie, Netflix Original & show geared towards tiny humans/tiny humans at heart. 

— binge-worthy show —

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend


Created by: Rachel Bloom & Aline Brosh-McKenna
Season 1-2 are on Netflix & Original songs can be found on Spotify!

Okay, okay. I understand your hesitation. I too was once skeptical that this would be good. At face value it seemed like a silly show making women seem crazy and needy… but I chose the above gif for a reason. It’s a lot more nuanced than that. It’s a modern day feminist masterpiece. 

Watch if you like : Female Friendships, realistic representation of mental health issues, musicals, West Covina California, stalking your ex’s social media.

— Movie —

Moonrise Kingdom


Written & Directed by Wes Anderson

If you haven’t seem this yet, take advantage of it being on Netflix. It’s charming and just the movie to celebrate the beginning of spring.

Watch if you like: girl scout cookies, adventure, young love, perfect color pallets

— Netflix Original —

One Day at a Time


Developed for TV by Norman Lear / Created by :
Season 1 is now on Netflix

This show is so important and amazing. . I think it is one of the most fitting shows for America right now. Go watch, tell your friends to watch and then watch it again.

Watch if you like: Strong Female Role Models, Latina families, LGBTQ friendly, comedy, family sitcoms, & Norman Lear.

— Comedy Special—

Mike Birbiglia: Thank God for Jokes


Watch if you like: stand up comedy, awkward audience interaction, story-telling, jokes.

— tiny humans —



 Directed by: Les Mayfield
Written by: Samuel W. Taylor, John Hughes, and Bill Walsh

Watch this if you like: nostalgia, slime, Robin Williams, mad scientists, baby sitting

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