Woman Crush Every Day: Good Girls Revolt

In my last post I explained that I don’t like pilot season. I don’t like becoming attached to new shows and then having my hopes dashed. I then went on to describe my love of new streaming shows, because they already commit to a complete season. Also, usually they are a shoe-in for a second season pick up. Well, I spoke too soon. 

But this is also why I am writing to you, kind reader. Because you need to know about my #WCW/Woman Crush Every Day.

Good Girls Revolt. 


Good Girls Revolt is the story of how in 1970, 45 women sued Newsweek for the right to become reporters. You can read an interview with some of the original women involved in the lawsuit Here .

Good Girls Revolt tackles so much more than sexism in the work place. It also deals with with racism, anti-semitism, birth control, police relations, alcoholism, marriage and relationships. Each girl is complex and interesting. Every character struggles with something different, but they still relate to each other and the modern woman.

good girls.jpg

Good Girls Revolt is exciting and fresh. For the most part, it is a new and charming  young crowd of actors.  Notable faces, Anna Camp, Hunter Parish and Grace Gummer are the most well known of the young crowd. Jim Belushi also co-stars.

I find it exciting to start a show with a crowd of actors that I am not familiar with, it helps me get more into the show because I don’t look at the actors and think of anyone else.

Jim Belushi is a great character actor and is perfect as a semi-cantankerous old man in the office.



If you’re looking for your next period drama, this is what you should start. The main problem facing Good Girls Revolt, besides it’s in your face feminism (which is not cool to all) is it’s closeness in theme and time period, to Mad Men. Mad Men is great, don’t get me wrong, but it is different. If you go into Good Girls Revolt expecting to pick up where Don Draper left off, you’re going to be disappointed. They are not the same show.  You have to go in with fresh eyes. There are some great things you can expect though.

The Fashion

The wardrobe department of Good Girls Revolt did an amazing job. The costumes are on point. There is a beautiful blend of 1960’s Jackie O chic and grungy Woodstock hippy.

There are outfits and hair for days. Check it out.

Nora Ephron


If you are looking for your next Peggy Olson to fall in love with, I suggest you give the Good Girls a look. Specifically, my personal idol, Nora Ephron.



Ephron is played by Grace Gummer, a.k.a. Queen Meryl Streep’s daughter. She knocks Nora out of the park. Also, Meryl played a version of Nora in her movie Heartburn, which is based off of Nora’s marriage to deep throat journalist Carl Bernstein.


Ephron makes a small appearance in the first season. Most notably she quits “News of the Week” because she is a writer and she doesn’t take shit from anyone. She wanted to write, so she left and she wrote.

Cindy Reston

If you watch this show for one thing, watch it for Erin Darke’s character of Cindy Reston.


Cindy surprisingly became my favorite character. Her story line is rich and complicated from the get-go. She’s one of the few married women who work at “News of the Week” and she is on the cusp of having a career or…


But when her one year of career freedom is on the verge of being cut short, my Queen, Nora Ephron suggests…


“It” being her Diaphragm… so she checks.


This is the beginning of her problems. Watch for Cindy. Cindy needs you.

Eleanor Holmes Norton

Eleanor Holmes Norton is one of the few pulled from real life names and characters that are used. She’s played by Joy Bryant.

She’s a badass feminist who is also fighting for equal rights for African Americans. She’s currently a member of the U.S. House of Representatives for DC at large.

It is the original Girl Gang

This is the show that American women need right now. There has never been a more important time where young women need to see women on television kicking ass, taking names, getting what they want out of life and embracing their bodies.

Sexism still exists, even in the work place.  I don’t care if this show is in your face about any of it. This show is so important.  It is so needed.

Support your Local Girl Gang / #savegoodgirlsrevolt


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