This is Us

I have a love/hate relationship with Pilot Season. I don’t like committing to a show, falling in love and having it yanked out from underneath me. Last season it was The Grinder & Grandfathered, the year before it was Forever. I think this is why I have such a fondness for streaming and new media. There is a comfort for me in knowing that there is a whole season already committed to…and  I get to binge watch it all. But that all being said, I’ve seen such wonderful response to This Is Us. Everything I’ve seen has been praise coupled with mysterious screenshots. I decided to take the chance and open my heart to a new television show.

I am in love.  In my opinion it’s one of the best family dramas to come around in a while. Everyone on the show is in a constant state of learning, about themselves each other their relationships. Sometimes it’s like they are a family who is just meeting and other times it’s like they have an other worldly connection. It’s the most accurate description of a family with adult children I’ve seen on TV recently. Every day I am finding myself more and more an adult child, so it is actually heartwarming for me to see a family where the kids are grown and on their own. Not every family is sitcom perfect and navigating adulthood with your siblings isn’t always picture perfect either. This show is worth you time. Also, here is a list of other reasons:


  1. Milo Ventimiglia is back on my screen. He is great in this, really wonderful. He’s the hot dad of your dreams.

This Is Us - Season Pilot

2. Sterling K. Brown. Randall is probably one of my favorite characters on the show. I can’t put my finger on it, but he makes every scene he’s in feel important. 2a03578de6959996_nup_172430_1448


3. Randall and his wife, are #relationshipgoals.

4. Chrissy Metz is awesome. She’s funny and sharp. Her comedic timing is on point. Kate is a great character that I can see having amazing future story arches. At the surface, Kate’s main story line is her weight, but Chrissy Metz brings so much more to the table. She is also really honest and delightful in dealing with a story line so directly related to her physical appearance.


5. Kevin is the one character that has had to grow on me. Maybe he’s just too LA. But I see potential. His character has a good heart and I am really enjoying watching his relationship with Randall unfold.


6. Milo & Mandy are #ogrelationshipgoals as Jack & Rebecca. I simultaneously want to hang out with them and have them be my parents.



7. Look at this family. Don’t you want to spend time with this family? This Is Us - Season 1

8. Also, Milo Ventimiglia is #dadgoals. landscape-1478057879-this-is-us-jack-randall.JPG


There is a new episode 11.29.16. Set your DVR or your butt on the couch. Either way, give it a watch.

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