This weekend didn’t get a Netflix and Chill, because I’ve been Amazon & Chilling. Amazon has put out some of the best original content in my opinion. The best example of that is Transparent. Season 3 came out this weekend and I will admit unashamedly that I spent all Saturday watching it. It’s the best show that you’re probably not watching.



Created by: Jill Soloway
Starring: Jeffrey Tambor, Gabby Hoffman, Jay Duplass, Amy Landecker, Judith Light

Transparent is beautiful in a variety of ways. Transparent just dances to the beat of a different comedy drummer.  When I describe this show to people, I tell them that when you watch an episode it feels like nothing is happening, but at the end of the episode you’ll feel like everything has happened. It has this magical timing to it that it seems to be moving in real time, not TV time.  It weaves the past and present together telling a story that has been marinating for years.

The writing on this show is amazing. It just is. You can read the pilot here. This show special because nothing is written for a shock factor. There are no “token” characters. There are just characters.


Each character is complicated and broken in their own way. This show is unique, but I also hate that word because, the characters are so relatable. Sure, everyone is a special snowflake. But we’re also not. Each character is delightful, they all fit into a weird puzzle together. The acting is superb. Jeffrey Tambor is phenomenal.  He deserves all the awards. If I am being honest, every actor on this show could win an award and I’d be okay with it.


It’s also exquisitely shot. The cinematography is amazing, especially for a 30 minute comedy. But you have to watch it to fully appreciate it.

If you haven’t watched Transparent, you should. It’s a soulful story of family and life. It’s particularly lovely if, like me you come from a place that is 99% straight white middle class people. Jill Soloway is a genius at translating something that many do not understand, into something simple, relatable and beautiful.

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