LA Weekend Update

Since this is my inaugural LA Weekend Update post, I feel like I should explain how it came about. Backstory — I turned 24 in June and I like to make my New Year’s Resolutions when the new year starts for me. So I turned 24, found my first gray hair (still pretending this didn’t happen), quit my second job (because what is extra income if you have no extra time to do anything with it?) and decided that my resolution for 24 is to have more experiences. I want to do more. I wanted to break the slump that I developed in year 23, where I worked crazy schedules at jobs I didn’t love, leaving no time for myself. I decided that I wanted to try new things, go to new places, spend more time making things and less time feeling like I was never caught up on sleep and dwelling on the negative aspects of a soul-sucking part time job. So here is my first #LA-Weekend-Update.

Iliza Shlesinger @ The Ice House Pasadena


I’ve been getting into stand up lately, devouring Netflix’s comedy specials and spending my days at work listening to Spotify’s comedy albums. I found Iliza on Netflix and think she is spectacular. Check out her specials: War Paint, Freezing Hot, & Confirmed Kills. She is a fun mix of observational and physical comedy. She knows how to make fun of herself and other girls in a way that makes both men and women laugh. She makes jokes about relevant issues, but in a way that is thought provoking. She also knows how to weave in parts of her old bits in a way that satisfies fans who have been following her for a while but doesn’t make new fans feel left out. She is my lady comedy Bae. So when I found out that she was performing at The Ice House in Pasadena, boyfriend and I scooped up some tickets.


Iliza solidifies my belief that french braids are okay to wear as an adult, even if you aren’t a career milk maid.


Iliza is also an Emerson College alum. So in the picture on the right, at least one Emerson grad is super successful in her desired field. She was also very nice and took some photos with fans after the show.  The only thing I would change was the lack of appearance by Blanche, her dog. I’m sure Blanche was backstage.

All in all, it was a great show. She had some great opening acts (Brian Monarch, Kristal Oates, Feng Chao & hosted by Jimmy Burns) . The Ice House is a good time. The staff was amazingly kind and upbeat. The parking situation was easy and cheap, because it was Pasadena not LA. Super fun night and something I’ll definitely do again. If you have any recommendations for good comedy clubs in the area, feel free to leave some love in the comments below!

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