Lend me your ears. I’ve got good stuff for you.

I’ve got a great audio book for you– but first.

Backstory – Currently, I work in an office.  It is the first office job/grown-up , sorry adult job, I’ve had since graduating college. It doesn’t always fulfill my creative and inquisitorial mind, but– but it has perks.

One of my favorite things– I listen to whatever I want at my desk. At first I listened to music, then I listened to every comedy album on Spotify. I typed and giggled away at Bill Burr, John Mulaney, Mike Birbiglia, Louis C.K., Iliza Schlesinger, Tig Notaro…you get the idea. Then all of the Harry Potter audio books. Now I am onto my next audio adventure. Badass women, who write books about their lives.

Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand In the Sun and Be Your Own Person
By Shonda Rhimes

Photograph by James White

It’s amazing. I have to admit that I have been holding off of reading this because I swore to myself, that I would no longer be personally victimized by Shonda Rhimes. I didn’t need an emotional roller coaster, where I got too attached and was crushed. But I did it anyways. It is encouraging and honest. Shonda has the voice and cadence of a spoken word poet. Like sometimes, she pauses, and I wait for a drum. It’s amazing. You get deep down into the brain of a really fascinating woman.  I think she is fascinating, because anyone who creates such detailed and compelling worlds, has a fascinating brain to me.

Guilty, horrible confession: When I first started watching Grey’s Anatomy I figured she was like the version of a spiteful God, who sits in his high chair and pulls the strings to our favorite puppets, all the while making sure that the string attached to my heart was actually barbed wire. I found her presence in interviews and in photographs intimidating. I would feel a mixture of wanting to be like her, but yet feeling like that was also impossible.

Her book is a sweet, personal look into her. She starts off by telling you that she is a liar. A professional liar. But she also explains, for her there is just no other way. She is proud of her passion. She doesnt defend herself. She tells you how her brain works, how she feels. She talks about her characters like they are her friends. She lets you in to her mind. It’s like a breath of fresh air to hear someone with so much success and skill talk about their anxieties, especially when they are anxieties you have as well. It’s even greater to hear someone talk about how they worked with their anxieties. It is daring and encouraging, and most importantly– unapologetic. Her book is a beautiful transformation. Pick it up, download it. Read it. Listen to it. Consume it.

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