What I’m Reading

For Business:

promote yourselfPromote Yourself by Dan Schwabel

It’s refreshing to find someone who doesn’t use the word “millennial” like it is dirty word. It becomes exhausting to hear how awful my generation is, but Dan does the opposite of that. Instead he spends time talking about where the business
world is going and giving advice on how to grow. Instead of generalizing and highlighting the less than stellar qualities of my generation, he gives great insight into generational shift and how to better work with other generation. Excellent read so far!

You can buy it here


For Funzies!


Yes Please – Amy Poehler

I’ve been dabbling in a couple different books. Most often/recently is Queen Amy Poehler’s Yes Please. It’s an excellent read so far. It is encouraging to a 20-something who is just starting out in her career. It is funny, honest and relaxing to read.

You can buy it here

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